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Building Works USA has extensive knowledge in building systems and specializes in building envelope commissioning and forensic investigations of building enclosures.


We utilize a network of highly competent and experienced design professionals, contractors and fellow consultants to bring our clients the best possible work product. This allows us to not only properly test fenestrations and enclosure assemblies on projects, but if there is are failures, we can pinpoint the cause of the failure and provide accurate recommendations to achieve successful testing results.


Failures during functional performance testing in new construction or renovations result in unnecessary construction delays, construction- sequencing problems and ultimately negatively impact your building and bottom line. It is our goal to help deliver a building that works for our clients.


If you are looking for an independent third party, reputable testing company to; perform the highest quality of testing, deliver easy to understand and concise reports, and help you through the entire process, contact Building Works USA.


We provide testing services throughout the United States from our headquarters located near Waterloo, Iowa.

Building Enclosure Commissioning

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